May 10, 2006

After failing to make any major blunders the first month ofthe season, my usual bad luck is creeping back in.

Last Wednesday, I picked up Tony Armas for a spot start. The oft-injured hurler
had been pitching exceptionally well, compiling a 2.76 ERA in April to go along
with 20 K’s in 29 IP and two wins. He was set to face the feeble Marlins
offense, and would be pitching at home, so picking him up for the start seemed
to make perfect sense.

My pitching strategy had been working brilliantly prior to this move. I waited
until the seventh round to take any pitchers this year, and still wound up with
John Lackey, Chris Capuano and Scott Kazmir, all of whom have pitched well. On
top of those three, I kept picking up guys like Nate Robertson for a start or two,
and despite not having an ace, I was leading
my 15-team league in ERA and WHIP after a month.

But then came Armas? start, which yielded five earned runs
in just 2.1 IP. So as punishment, I sent him back to the waiver wires,
especially with his next start coming against the first-place Reds in Cincinnati (a great hitter?s park). Armas retaliated by pitching superbly (Win, 6 IP, 2 H,
1 ER, 4 K) against the red-hot Reds.

Quick comment on the whole Delmon Young incident?

My question with this whole thing is ? why was a camera from
1986 being used to tape this game?
Take a look at the clip. The video looks like lost footage from the filming of Bull Durham, or the grainy footage you would expect to see on an ESPN profile about some high school pitcher from the 1980s who threw 97 mph, but hurt his arm and never made it to the Majors.
The quality is worse than the betamax tape of my sixth grade graduation from 20 years ago. Plus the clip is crooked and looks like someone was balancing the camera on a stack of programs.

Were they intentionally going for a retro feel? If so, the cameraman did a superb job.

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