May 5, 2006

A bunch of people have e-mailed me wanting to know why I haven’t written much about my fantasy woes, like I have the past five seasons. The truth is, I was cleaning up in fantasy the first few weeks. But as fate would have it, I finally have something to complain about.

Two weeks back I decided to drop Aaron Harang in one of my leagues. He had a 6.35 ERA and had been hit pretty hard in three of his four outings. Plus, the league I’m in only requires seven pitchers, and since their are only 10 teams (70 pitchers), mid-range guys like Harang do not have as much value as they would in a standard 12-team, 9-pitcher league (108 total pitchers)

Despite the fact that Harang was one of 2005’s biggest surprises, I decided there were much better options than a non-superstar who pitches in Cincinnati.

So how does Harang repay me for cutting him loose? Three starts, 3-0, 25 IP, 14 H, 4 ER and 23 K’s. Pretty much what I expected after releasing him,

And to top it off, I cost myself three home runs by benching Josh Barfield in favor of Chase Utley on Wednesday, and then sending Grady Sizemore and Hideki Matsui to the bench on Thursday, after they had been in my lineup the entire season.

My team, which had been in first since Day One, fell to fourth, and based on my track record, will never find its way back to the top.

My Kentucky Derby picks for Saturday: A.P. Warrior-Jazil-Steppenwolfer

Baseball Card Awards of the Week:
1979 Topps

Least-effective, but best-looking glasses:
Mark Lee (he walked 69 and struck out only 63 in his brief career)


Worst photo of the entire set: Rob Picciolo

StoneBest non-use of an undershirt for a guy who is going to win the Cy Young Award within a year: Steve Stone

GrubbBest cool-guy pose while wearing an airbrushed hat: Johnny Grubb

Oldest looking guy in the set:
Phil Niekro (he wins every year from 1975-1988). It’s scary to think that he was still in his 30s when this photo was taken. I can’t believe I could look like this in eight years. Kind of freaky.


I just found this blog and I was laughing my **** off. The baseball card bits are HILARIOUS! Keep up the good work! Where do you get all those images from?

Da Boom.

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