May 19, 2006

Every year there is one pitcher who manages to destroy myfantasy chances on his own.

In 2001, Shawn Chacon was the perpetrator, putting together back-to-back atrocious
starts at midseason (including one game where he allowed 11 earned runs) to
permanently drop me out of first.

Brandon Duckworth (when was the last time you thought of his name) ruined 2002
by winning only eight games and posting a 5.41 ERA a year after a 3.52 ERA. The
next year, Jeff Weaver?s 5.99 ERA and 1.62 WHIP throttled any chances I had of
winning a crown.

And topping all of this off was Oliver Perez, who destroyed
four of my teams last year by going from a 2.98 ERA/239 K pitcher in 2004 to
one with a 5.85 ERA and only 97 K?s in ?05.

Well this year had been different up until Juan Cruz decided
to join this lowly group this past week.

Cruz had started two games prior to May 12 and had allowed only
one earned run and six hits in 10 innings of work, to go along with 10 K?s. So
despite the fact he would be facing the tough Cardinals lineup last Friday, I
slotted him in for the start. Five earned runs and 10 baserunners later (in
only five innings), Cruz picked up his first loss of the year, while only
slightly damaging my ERA and WHIP.

Might have been the worst call so far of the year. The
skinny righty got pummeled, allowing nine earned runs in two thirds of an
inning, something that it almost impossible to accomplish in a single outing.

His last start alone caused by ERA to go up .23 points.  Recovering from this both statistically and
mentally will be tough. 

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