April 19, 2006

Had a debate the other day with a friend about who would yourather be right now, Dan Johnson or Rondell

After a solid rookie season, Johnson has been the worst hitter in the Majors
thus far, batting .031 (1-for-32) with no extra base hits and one RBI.

White, a 14-year-veteran outfielder has appeared equally lost at the plate,
going five for his first 51 this year (.098).  He’s looked awkward
batting, and most of his swings have been desperate attempts just to make
contact. In fact, he hasn’t walked once, while striking out 17 times.

I argued that I would rather be Johnson, since he is still only 26 and will
more than likely work things out, while White is 34 and on the downward slope
of his career. For all we know, this could be the start of the end of his
career. Plus White gets injured so often, that even if he bounces back, he’s
bound to wind up on the DL at some point (only played in 140 or more games once
in his first 13 seasons).

My friend Dan fired back at me saying Johnson
could become permanently scarred, and never recover (think Rick Ankiel),
whereas at least White has had a nice career that he can look back on and
hopefully enjoy. White has had enough success to bounce back, whereas Johnson
could get mental and wind up back in the Minors.

It’s an interesting debate, and I’m not sure what the purpose of me sharing it
here is, other that it’s been on my mind the past few days.

On to a semi-more-interesting subject?

Two weeks ago I looked back at some of the ugliest cards
from the 1981 Topps set. This week, in honor of the 29th anniversary
of the 1977 Topps set, it?s time to examine the best cards from that year.
There were several prevailing themes from the ?77 set:

No. 1: Airbrush Mania


No. 2: The Ogilvie look-a-like contestOglivie

The top four finishers were:

HoodDon Hood: His photo was taken seconds after coming out of
the dugout, with absolutely no forewarning. Hood wasn?t even given a chance to
look up in his photo.


Absolutely hilarious! I wonder how much time you spent sifting through those cards? Weren’t the sets back then like 5,000 cards?

(Bummer alert)

I only wish I had found this on the 19th, as that day is still tough for me. I was in downtown OK City at 9:02am looking for a place to park before traffic court when I took a strange trip into the ‘twilight zone’. I’ve never seen anything like it.

( /Bummer ) HTML forTehwin!

Your blog is always good for a laugh, I just have to remember to check it more often.


aka JohnnyArchive

Hey Klayman-

How’re your teams doing?

Wondering if there is going to be a new offensive anytime soon. Last time I checked, ChadWar issued a new offensive in the early 90s. I figure they’re about due for a new one. Please find out.

Chad War

Oh man…1977 was the first year I started collecting baseball cards…..I LOVE the set to this day!!! makes me feel like a kid again…..The Toronto Blue Jays and Seattle Mariners made thier debut that year so those pics from 1976 ,they had to ‘color’ over the 1976 team cap/helmet or uniform……free agent moves made at the end of the 76 season (before December) showed those players with thier “new” team aka ‘color-over’…the most famous player with the ‘color-over’ was Reggie Jackson-New York Yankees….1978 had a few beautys too such as Mike Paxton-Boston Red Sox…….But I LOVE BOTH THOSE YEARS…I’m sentimental.

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