April 6, 2006 – Part 2

Just went online to check the Masters leaderboard, and once again I was reminded why there is no tournament or championship that’s cooler in the world. The main reason is the fact than any past Masters champion gets to play as long as he is still alive. Seeing guys like Gary Player, Raymond Floyd and Tom Watson still competing in the sport’s top event of the year is one of the most underappreciated things in all of sports.

Can you image if baseball worked the same way. Let’s say any past World Series champion player could suit up if his team was in the World Series, and the team could add an unlimited number of roster spots. If the Yanks were to reach the World Series and Ron Guidry, Reggie Jackson and Paul O’Neill were all eligible to play, even if they never actually entered a game, it would be pretty sweet. What if the Yankees were up 18-1 in the ninth and decided to put Reggie up for one at-bat? Sure he runs the risk of embarrassing himself, but you’re telling me you wouldn’t keep watching just in case Reggie took one deep?

OK, it’s a pretty dumb idea, since golf is a lot different than baseball (individual sport, harder to embarrass yourself, easy to hit a ball b/c it isn’t being thrown 90 MPH), but it’s fun to think about regardless.

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